BTI Litigation Outlook 2020: Changes, Trends & Opportunities for Law Firms


Our 10th BTI Litigation Outlook uncovers how client behavior—and spending—is changing in 2020.

BTI Litigation Outlook immediately helps you identify the most current and vexing client needs—and helps you meet these needs before competitors realize there’s new work for the taking.

• See the law firms named BTI Fearsome Foursome
• See the BTI Powerhouse law firms leading the market
• Learn the top 9 trends shaping litigation in 2020

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BTI Power Rankings 2019: Client Relationship Scorecard

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BTI Power Rankings 2019: Client Relationship Scorecard is our most comprehensive deep dive on client relationships yet. We spoke with more than 650 legal decision makers at the world’s largest organizations to measure the client relationship strength of the 338 law firms they use most. See where clients rank your law firm, who the BTI Power Elite are—the 26 firms with the best and absolute strongest relationships, where your firm stacks up with aggressive competitors…and learn how to stay ahead of the game with key metrics and recommendations. New this year—a complimentary By Industry ranking of law firms in 18 industries.

Length: Full Report - 63 pages; Industry Supplement - 97

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BTI Brand Elite 2019: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms

In the eyes of clients, law firms are rarely distinguished because of practice-specific expertise. With a few notable exceptions, corporate counsel assess and differentiate firms on less tangible, more subjective qualities. These intangibles are how law firms are branded in the eyes of clients. BTI Brand Elite 2019 ranks the law firms with the best brand standing among GCs and legal decision makers, while providing you with a road map of activities to ensure your brand starts winning you more work tomorrow. BTI's newly released report delineates exactly how clients perceive 408 law firms, and which 28 enjoy the best brand image in the eyes of clients—The BTI Brand Elite 28(Length: 123 pages)

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Benchmarking Law Firm Marketing and Business Development Budgets and Staffing

CMO Thumbnail_shadow.png

Understand the on-going dynamic of law firms’ investment in Marketing and Business Development. Garnered from more than 130 interviews with leading marketing executives across a diverse range of firms, the report's compelling analysis points to successful strategies in response to a changing market. Details include overall market trends along with breakouts by firm size. (Length: 44 pages)


BTI Client Service All-Stars for Law Firms 2019


The 2019 BTI Client Service All-Stars Report singles out the 335 attorneys have mastered the art of superior client service. In the eyes of clients, these attorneys are unsurpassed in their delivery of client service. These are the BTI Client Service All-Stars 2019. This report honors the individuals able to stand out in the sea of legal services providers to represent the cream of the crop.

Corporate counsel single out each attorney—by name and in an unprompted manner—as delivering the absolute best client service. No attorney or firm can self-nominate, self-refer, nor pay to be included in this report. Clients have the final—and only—say.

The 335 attorneys in this report are the individuals clients think of—and turn to—first.

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BTI Client Service A-Team 2019: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance

BTI_A Team 2019_Cover_Shadow.png

Learn exactly where you stand. And discover the tactics and strategies the best performers use to drive their performance. Get rankings—by name—on each and every law firm recognized in the BTI Client Service A-Team 2019—curated from more than 350 in-depth interviews with top legal decision makers at the world’s most demanding clients. Learn how clients define the 17 Activities Driving Superior Client Service. New in 2019: Clients Reset Their Definition of Client Service. This year’s report details why clients now consider Dealing with Complexity a core attribute of the best law firms.
(Length: 210 pages)

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BTI Practice Outlook 2019: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms

Make the best decisions for your firm with data and insight straight from your clients—and your potential clients—on how they plan to divvy up their outside counsel budgets in 2019. BTI Practice Outlook draws on 350 in-depth interviews with corporate counsel at the world’s largest companies to map out the most reliable, trusted forecast of the U.S. legal market. With detailed information on the drivers impacting 18 practice areas and the 2019 growth forecast for 18 industries, BTI Practice Outlook 2019 is your best source for the specific tactics for developing business and the strategies needed to win more work today.
(Length: 57 pages)

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BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook 2019: Clients Rank Their Needs and Law Firm Performance


BTI's newly released report delineates exactly how clients perceive 338 law firms, and which 52 are the absolute best in the eyes of clients—The BTI Innovation Champions. As the strength of innovation continues to rise, it will become more difficult for firms not embracing new strategies to catch up. BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook 2019 reveals 27 specific client needs and priorities relevant to innovation and ranks the law firms raising the bar across legal practice, client service, and technology. (Length: 68 pages)

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BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2018


Each year the acts of client service change—gaining in value and sophistication and becoming a little harder to replicate. And every year, a group of law firms figures out how to up their game, leap frog client expectations and leave the other law firms behind. The BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2018 are the 94 firms—out of the 650 core law firms serving large and Fortune 1000 clients—top legal decision makers are willing to bet their reputation on and recommend to their peers. (Length: 18 pages)

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BTI Highest Rate Firms 2018


Clients pay the highest rates when they need deep insight, understanding, and unflinching confidence in the ability to deliver. This presumes the firms bring unique knowledge and understanding of the risk. This new report,  BTI Highest Rate Firms 2018, singles out the 31 law firms standing above all others for: 1) Being identified as the firm clients pay the highest rate; 2) Clients sharing this high rate with BTI; and 3) The firm was well worth this highest rate. (Length: 17 pages)

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BTI Executive Insights 2018


BTI Executive Insights combines each of BTI’s powerful resources (High-Impact Reports, Insightful Competitive Analysis, and an In-Depth Live Client Briefing via Web Meeting) to give you:

  • Forecasts of the best opportunities for business in 2018 and beyond
    • By practice
    • By industry
  • The strategies, tactics, and tools to win the work

BTI’s Executive Insights not only provide you with feedback directly from top legal decision makers on your firm’s client service, litigation strengths, and brand awareness, but also a rich, robust, and specific breakdown of your top competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

The essential resources in BTI’s Executive Insights include:

High-Impact Reports

  • BTI Litigation Outlook 2018: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms – September 2017 Release
  • BTI Practice Outlook 2018: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms – October 2017 Release
  • The BTI Client Service A-Team 2018: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance – November 2017 Release
  • The BTI Client Service All-Stars 2018 – February 2018 Release
  • BTI Brand Elite 2018: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms – Early 2018 Release

Insightful Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive analysis of up to 8 firms of your choosing pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses in 37 areas clients rely on to evaluate law firms

In-Depth Live Client Briefing via Web Meeting

  • An in-depth client briefing for you and your team tailored specifically for your firm—where you can ask unlimited questions on your firm and your competitors—no holds barred

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses—based on what clients really think of your firm—is your first step on the path to more growth.

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