Profitability. Market share. Growth. Revenue. 
All depend on your client relationships.

Law firms with the absolute best client relationships enjoy:

  • 19.5% rate premiums

  • 35.6% greater revenue

The BTI Client Relationship Scorecard 2014 provides the tools you need to create a relationship action plan and targeted blueprint for growth based on your client relationships.

Order your BTI Client Relationship Scorecard 2014: Ranking Law Firm Client Relationships here.

Inside You'll Discover:

Corporate Counsel Gauge Law Firm Relationship Strength—by Name

Go-To Status: Do You Have It?

  • The 6 components of the most successful client relationships
  • Are you the first and most important law firm a client uses?
  • Only 22% of firms are in a state of Clientopia® with their top clients

Unlock the Potential of Your CLIENT Relationships

A firm’s best client relationships have proven financial impact:

  • 36.9% of law firm revenue stems from 25 key clients
  • A single, high-quality client relationship accounts for 7.1% of annual billings

Success demands systematically acquiring, cultivating and retaining client relationships. Create your client relationship action plan with the newly released BTI Client Relationship Scorecard 2014

Order your BTI Client Relationship Scorecard 2014 now.

Click to download your complimentary Executive summary

Click to download your complimentary Executive summary